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Natural Resources and Energy Law

Duncan, Bressler, & Williamson, Inc.

The attorneys at Duncan, Bressler, and Williamson, Inc. have significant experience working with clients on various forms of energy production, including oil, natural gas, coal, solar, and wind.

Oil and Gas

Our attorneys work with clients on transactional matters including mineral sales and transfers, oil and gas leasing, operating agreements, farmout agreements, pooling agreements, surface and subsurface use agreements, pipeline easements, and water use agreements. We routinely work with geologists, engineers, and landmen in south, central, and west Texas. The firm’s attorneys, some of whom are board certified in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, have vast experience with mineral and royalty interests in the Eagle Ford Shale and the Permian Basin.

Wind Power and Solar Power

Texas is now leading the nation in wind-generated energy and solar power is one of the main drivers behind global energy transformation. Wind energy and solar energy have evolved from a niche market to a mainstream energy sources. The attorneys at Duncan, Bressler, & Williamson, Inc. are well-versed regarding solar energy and wind energy leases. Our firm has represented clients throughout the state of Texas in drafting and negotiating surface leases for solar farms and wind farms.

Water Law

The attorneys at Duncan, Bressler, & Williamson, Inc. recognize that water is a valuable resource for society, and seek to protect private property rights pertaining to groundwater. The firm represents landowners who seek to buy or sell the rights to groundwater including the transfer, purchase and application for groundwater permits through local groundwater conservations districts and the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

Duncan, Bressler, & Williamson, Inc.

Duncan, Bressler, & Williamson, Inc. offers expert representation by attorneys who are board certified in probate and  estate planning, commercial real estate, residential real estate law, and oil, gas and mineral law.